venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

Shar Jackson On K-Fed, Tabloid Fame

Shar Jackson recently stopped by the VH1 digital office to talk about her life on and off Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. Obviously, we had to talk to her about sharing the screen with ex Kevin Federline. Above, she talks about the curse of being constantly associated with her ex, and explains why she didn’t try to break that by walking off the show once she saw that they’d be sharing screen time. Below is an offshoot of that discussion, in which Shar discusses being a “tabloid celebrity,” and why she accepts no responsibility for that designation:

Shar Jackson, di recente intervistata da VH1 per parlare della sua vita dentro e fuori Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. Ovviamente, hanno dovuto parlare con lei di cm ha condiviso lo schermo con l'ex Kevin Federline. Di cui sopra, si parla della maledizione di essere sempre connessi con il suo ex,e spiega perché non ha cercato di rompere cn lui.


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