mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

A Few Extra Pounds Of Fit Club: Impersonating Harvey

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In this week’s Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp webisode, Sebastian mans the camera and gets everyone to perform impressions of Harvey (Tanisha is not so suspiciously missing). Not to spoil it or anything, but Bobby’s is the best, though it lasts three seconds (his voice has the perfect Harvey cadence). I would love to see the thrashing they’d take if they did this to Harvey’s face. Not that this show needs to manufacture drama (these celebs do that very well on their own, thank you), but if it ever did, that’d be a great place to start.


In questa settimana di Celebrity Fit Club,Sebastian prende la videocamera e riprende cm tutti i concorrenti fanno l imitazione di Harvey però nn manca anke quella di Tanisha..La migliore è quella di Bobby anke se dura solo 3 secondi..

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